15-year-old Twitch streamer goes viral for hosting full production pyro, laser-equipped bedroom ravesRave Picture

by: Megan Schriewer

Apr 12, 2022

You’ve no doubt heard of bedroom producers, but now get ready for the first real bedroom raver—in all of his chaotic glory.

Recently, 15-year-old German Twitch streamer Crossmauz went viral for hosting his own raves… in the comfort of his bedroom. These raves aren’t just a disco ball and a flashlight—they’re fully equipped productions packed with pyrotechnics, intense light shows, and house-rattling hardstyle beats. The teenager’s newfound fame came as a result of footage from his solo raves landing on Twitter; the initial tweet amassing more than 10 million views and climbing.

Crossmauz’s Twitch channel includes his past livestream recordings, all of which harness an incredible energy. Some videos even contain a pulse reader in the top corner, tracking his heartbeat throughout the sets, once rocketing to a remarkable 170. Despite the high intensity, most of the streams have lasted two to three hours, proving potential main stage material in the making. For those wondering how this young man’s neighbors, let alone his parents, handle the throbbing decibel levels, remember—if the music’s too loud, you’re too old.

Featured image: Crossmauz / Twitch

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