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Aminé Drops New Single ‘Charmander’

It’s an all-out rap bubbler from the Portland artist…

Portland rapper Aminé returns with new single ‘Charmander’.

The song kicks off a fresh era for Aminé, who taps into club energy while also supplying lyrics about seclusion and introspection.

Leaning on the dichotomous dynamic of the pandemic, Aminé allowed his recent studio experiments to guide his music.

An all-out rap bubbler with a hugely playful element, Aminé comments…

“After the release of ‘Limbo’ I took some time to experiment and challenge myself to create in ways I hadn’t before — exploring different textures and tempos without any expectations. ‘Charmander’ was the first product of that period that felt natural while still being at a completely different BPM than any of my previous work.”

The full video for ‘Charmander’ is online now – co-directed by Aminé himself and Jack Begert, it’s a depiction of the simple life in rural Oregon.

Tune in now.

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