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Chvrches announce ‘Director’s Cut’ expanded edition of ‘Screen Violence’

Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES

Chvrches have announced that an expanded edition of their recent album ‘Screen Violence’ will arrive later this week.

‘Screen Violence: Director’s Cut’ will be released this Friday (October 29) and contain three additional tracks that were “intended to be included” on the original record.

NME gave ‘Screen Violence’ four stars upon its release in August, labelling it the band’s best album yet.

“The Glasgow-formed trio might have used the dark side of technology to build the foundations of this record but, rather than crafting handwringing lectures on the dangers of online life, they shape songs that are like mini horror vignettes – rich with storytelling and a side of social commentary.”

Speaking to NME, vocalist Lauren Mayberry said the album’s creation came at a time when “[her] association with screens had become very negative”.

“It was horrible to have to only see people on screens – I’ve not seen my mum in 3D since Christmas 2019,” she explained at the time.

“But I think, if anything, it made me more grateful because if this didn’t exist I couldn’t talk to you; we couldn’t have made this record and we couldn’t have spoken to any of our friends and family. It makes you think – are the machines evil, or are we?”

Since releasing ‘Screen Violence’, the band have performed covers of Avril Lavigne’s ‘I’m With You’ for an Apple Music Home Session, and The Lost Boys theme ‘Cry Little Sister’ for the new Netflix film Nightbooks.

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