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Hannah Ashcroft Shares Sweeping New Single ‘Little Consequence’

A potent vocal mirrored by lush strings…

Hannah Ashcroft has shared her stirring new single ‘Little Consequence’.

The songwriter is based in the North West, and she seemed to spend time over the pandemic finessing her art.

Part of a flurry of singles, her new track ‘Little Consequence’ is a sign of her sweeping ambition.

Powerful, emotive songwriting, the complex production is allied to a scintillating vocal from Hannah, so fulsome and laden with emotion.

A big step forwards, ‘Little Consequence’ was born from a moment of profound self-doubt. She comments…

“The track was born from a bit of an existential crisis. I was experiencing them quite frequently – giving up on music, applying for ‘proper’ jobs and then ultimately being rejected because, who wants to hire a freelance musician and busker? I think there’s a lot of societal pressure to be at a certain level of success or get a 9-5, for people in the arts industry.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Emily Dennison

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