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Tasha’s ‘Bed Song 1’ Is A Moment Of Pause

Tune in now…

Chicago based artist Tasha has shared her beautiful new song ‘Bed Song 1’.

Tasha’s new album ‘Tell Me What You Miss The Most’ is out on November 5th, and it’s another step forward from a songwriter and poet who feels art on an intimate level.

‘Bed Song 1’ is taken from the new record, and it finds Tasha truly analysing her feelings, peeling back the layers of her emotional life.

The hushed atmosphere gives a sense of grace, and the calming layers of sound give way to Tasha’s exquisite word play.

She explains…

“This is one of the first songs I wrote from the album, and came to encompass many of the feelings that I go on to continue exploring throughout the rest of the songs.”

“It ties in some themes from the last record (solitude, bed time) while also revealing a new type of sadness and aching not often explored in my songwriting. It is a song about love ending, and wanting to linger in the imagining of it at its best, its warmest, and its most tender, while you try to let it go. It’s about reminiscing before the end has even come, relinquishing your heart so as to keep the sadness away just a little longer.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Alexa Viscius

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