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Track Of The Day 26/10 – Wynona

‘Real World’

Wynona is a project that had traversed the world before it had even truly begun.

An idea germinated in Osaka, Japan, the emergence of the pandemic forced the bedroom pop duo to return to the UK.

The pair – Natalie and Rich – came home with little more than a bag of clothing between them, finding a space in a friend’s 19th century building in the Lake District.

It’s here that Wynona began to take shape. Floral, fluid alt-pop with a late 90s feel, Wynona seems to re-frame those nostalgic impulses as something vivid, honest, and true.

New single ‘Real World’ epitomises this, with Wynonya celebrating contradiction on a wonderfully addictive alt-pop burner.

Built in the Lake District – as Natalie puts it, “it really felt like something from The Shining!” – ‘Real World’ digs into a highly personal place in their lives.

“On ‘Real World’ I’m celebrating all aspects of my personality, even though they can sometimes conflict and contradict one another,” the singer comments.

“We all struggle with identity and authenticity, especially at a time when we put ourselves on display for all to see and for others to judge. This song is for anyone who feels like they don’t fit into any perfect mould; it is okay to be anything, all things and nothing all at once.”

Tune in now.

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