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Coldplay Cover PinkPantheress ‘Just For Me’

It’s beautifully done…

Coldplay have covered ‘Just For Me’ by PinkPantheress.

The song appears on her dazzling new mixtape, which was released just a few days ago. Chris Martin is clearly a fan, and picked ‘Just For Me’ for Coldplay to cover as part of their spot on Radio 1’s Live Lounge.

Pairing the digi-heavy pop futurism of PinkPantheress with the classicism of Coldplay isn’t something we expected to work… but it truly does.

The vocal is heart-rending, and it makes you re-examine the core of PinkPantheress’ work.

A gorgeous performance, it’s simple and from the heart – Coldplay also performed ‘My Universe’, ‘Human Heart’, and their classic song ‘The Scientist’.

Check out ‘Just For Me’ below.

Photo Credit: James Marcus Haney

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