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Boy Bleach Share Pop Jewel ‘Perfect Guy’

East London four-piece stake their claim…

East London four-some Boy Bleach have shared their single ‘Perfect Guy’.

An organic boy band who match pop ambitions to a knowledge of London’s underground networks, Boy Bleach fuse music and fashion to forge their own path.

Dual sets of brothers from East London, their easy-going chemistry seems to lift each song to the heavens.

‘Perfect Guy’ is out now, and it’s a nuanced return; a real bop, it’s incredibly catchy chorus masks lyrics that deal with toxic masculinity.

A song about learning to put less pressure on yourself and simply enjoy who you are, on your own terms, ‘Perfect Guy’ seeks the answers within.

Jimi from the band states…

“It started off as song about trying to live outside of the expectations and judgement of someone you loved and lost. And as we delved deeper we started to link it to our want to escape from the confines of toxic masculinity, what it means to be a ‘perfect guy’ and why people feel such a weight to be something they aren’t to please people who don’t deserve it.”

Tune in now.

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