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Calmness Shares Soothing Single ‘Angel’

It’s a beautiful document from the Lisbon artist…

Lisbon based artist Calmness has shared their soothing new single ‘Angel’.

Growing up in a small Portuguese town, it took relocation to Lisbon and immersion in the city’s queer communities for Calmness to begin to find their way.

Soaking up self-termed ‘sad music’, their own songwriting soon took bloom, blending acoustic arrangements against that evocative vocal.

The 24 year old has completed work on a full album, with new single ‘Angel’ becoming the first song to be released.

A gorgeous listen, ‘Angel’ has the hushed intimacy of Clairo, say, yet it carries itself in a highly individual way.

A song about the sometime toxic borders between friendship and romantic longing, ‘Angel’ deals with boundaries and the manner in which they are imposed.

Calmness explains…

“‘Angel’ is a song about someone breaking the boundaries that they put on me. I was in love with them and they just wanted to be my friend but kept going on with the mixed signals and calling me by names they said we couldn’t call each other. It’s about being in love with someone emotionally unavailable who still craves your attention and treats you differently.”

Tune in now.

angel by calmness

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Link to the source article – https://www.clashmusic.com/news/calmness-shares-soothing-single-angel

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