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Spoon Announce New Album, Share Single “The Hardest Cut”

Photo by Andreas Neumann

American indie rock band Spoon have announced they’ll be releasing their 10th album Lucifer On The Sofa on Feb. 11. The Austin outfit have been releasing music since 1993, and this album is expected to be the band’s purest rock and roll record to date. Lucifer On The Sofa also marks the first album in over a decade that the band have recorded in their home city.

Lucifer on the Sofa contains the physical thrill of a band in a packed room while acutely compiling the intensity and intimacy of music’s harsh edges. According to frontman Britt Daniel in a press release, Lucifer On The Sofa is “the sound of classic rock as written by a guy who never did get Eric Clapton.”

Along with the announcement of the album’s release date, Spoon also shared a single off the record titled “The Hardest Cut.” The track was the first the band recorded for the new album and was co-written by Alex Fischel and Daniel. Listen to it below.

Lucifer on the Sofa

The Hardest Cut
The Devil & Mister Jones
My Babe
Feels Alright
On The Radio
Astral Jacket

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