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Blak Emoji’s Punchy Single ‘Float’ Is A Celebration Of Life

The New Yorkers surge back into view…

NYC outfit Blak Emoji return with new single ‘Float’.

The group’s potent sound is an outlandish, hyper-energetic fusion, embracing everything from punk and indie to pop and beyond.

A sound they dub “eclectro” – the term is also the title of the band’s debut album – Blak Emoji are determined to erase the word ‘genre’ from their vocabulary.

A pot pouri of helter-skelter sounds, the band return with their latest single, the effervescent ‘Float’.

If it sounds celebratory in tone, then that’s exactly the way Blak Emoji intended it – it’s a carpe diem banger for the disaffected.

Incredibly catchy, it finds the band distilling those varied influences down into a delicious aural stew.

Kelsey Ware comments…

“‘Float’ is basically a celebration of living. I felt this way previously, but when the pandemic hit last year it really forced me to be thankful and take advantage of what I have in life, which is a lot of good. We all get older and life flies by so why not make the best of it and seize the moment? Do whatever you can or want without hurting anyone, including yourself.”

Tune in now.

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