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ARTY, Griff Clawson keep it playful with ‘Those Eyes’

ARTY, Griff Clawson keep it playful with ‘Those Eyes’ARTY

ARTY is ending the year strong. Just one week after his most recent ALPHA9 release, “The Purpose Is You,” the Russian DJ/producer is back again with Griff Clawson for “Those Eyes.” This is not Clawson and ARTY’s first time working together; “Those Eyes” notably follows “You’re Not Alone” and ARTY’s remix of “Chasing Highs.”

The song represents a completely new sound for ARTY, what with steady guitar riffs coming together with bouncing synthesized vocals. The union of these elements makes the single playful to its core.

ARTY spoke about the single in an official release, sharing,

“‘Those Eyes’ was so much fun to produce. The entire time I spent working on it was nothing but natural fun and pure joy. Everything started with me listening to the demo for the first time and I couldn’t even recognize Griff’s voice even though we did so many tracks together in the past. And I think that’s what makes this song so unique and catchy. The blend of acoustic instruments and heavily processed vocals creates this strange, almost alienated vibe that immediately catches your ear because of its nature. But it’s not just a fun track to listen to; there is deeper meaning to it if you listen to the lyrics very closely. All in all, I’m very excited about this record to finally come out and I hope people will enjoy it the same way as I do!”

“Those Eyes” is out now via Armada Music.

Featured image: Kat Lam

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