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CMAT unveils details of debut album and shares new single, ‘No More Virgos’


CMAT has unveiled details of her debut album and shared a new single – ‘No More Virgos’ – listen to it below.

The album, ‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’, will be released on February 25 via AWAL Recordings.

Sharing new track, ‘No More Virgos’, CMAT – who was one of NME’s essential emerging artists for 2021, said: “I’m the kind of girl who dates the same person over and over again. Specifically, every single one of my partners have been Virgos.”

The artist, real name Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, added: “I wanted to write a song that pokes fun at this aspect of my personality, and try to be a voice for all of my long-suffering friends.

“Musically, I really wanted to try and marry my love of 80’s Italo disco with my hatred of Virgos. I just can’t help myself from making terrible decisions sometimes! Sorry!”

You can see the album’s track list below:

‘If My Wife New I’d Be Dead’
1. ‘Nashville’
2. ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’
3. ‘Peter Bogdanovich’
4. ‘No More Virgos’
5. ‘Lonely’
6. ‘Groundhog Day’
7. ‘Communion’
8. ‘Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend)’
9. ‘2 Wrecked 2 Care’
10. ‘Geography Teacher’
11. ‘I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby!’
12. ‘I’d Want U’

Reviewing CMAT’s virtual show last year, NME said: “It’s not just the musical numbers and endless costume changes that made tonight a hit, but CMAT’s sheer attention to detail and comedic timing. From her BTS phone case hinting at her not-so-secret stan alter-ego, to creating her own merch advert in the venue toilets, she’s a real creative force to be reckoned with.

“It just shows that virtual events can be as imaginative and fun as their live counterparts. We’ll probably be watching gigs from behind a screen for a while longer, so now the bar’s been raised, let’s keep it there.”

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