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blanket Have Covered John Murphy’s ‘In The House, In A Heartbeat’ From The 28 Days Later Soundtrack

An incredible piece of music performed brilliantly.

If you don’t think that 28 Days Later is one of the best horror movies ever made, go and watch it right now and realise why you are wrong.

An absolute triumph of British cinema, it’s a movie that continues to delight and disturb to this day, and part of that is down to John Murphy’s iconic score.

The most iconic part being ‘In The House, In A heartbeat’ a song that embodies the desolation and despair of the film so perfectly. And blanket have released a cover of it.

Adding their own levels of despondency to the track, it’s a wonderful celebration of both how far the band have pushed their sound recently, and a piece of music that still has the power to send chills down your spine.

The band had this to say:

“Danny Boyle’s ’28 Days Later’ is a very important film. Not only is it a genre-defining ‘zombie’ movie it is also one of the very first feature films to be shot entirely on consumer-level digital cameras (the Canon XL-1 mini DV). This would in turn inspire a new generation of filmmakers – who were previously restricted by budget for shooting on notoriously expensive film cameras – to pick up a digital camera and get creative. One of the most memorable things about this film was the John Murphy soundtrack, notably the piece ‘In The House – In A Heartbeat’, whose haunting melody provided a perfect audio accompaniment to the scenes of isolation and desolation. We would like to pay homage to this film for inspiring us creatively, both with its images and music by presenting to you our version of that piece of music.”

We recently chatted to the band about their recent album ‘Modern Escapism’, which you can catch up with HERE

Here’s ‘In Awe’ featuring Loathe’s Kadeem France:

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