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Synth-Wave Producer Highway Superstar Shares ‘Pangea’ Single

Highway Superstar Photograph
His new album ‘Contraband’ is incoming…

Israeli electronic producer Highway Superstar has shared his new single ‘Pangea’.

Real name Alex Karlinsky, the producer’s synth-wave sound melds together 80s forebears – elements of Kraftwerk, early Detroit techno – with a unique and highly personal sound.

New album ‘Contraband’ affords Highway Superstar place to explore his singular aesthetic in full, resulting in some extraordinary moments.

Retro-futurist synthetics, his take on neon-soaked electronics pursues some individual pathways.

New single ‘Pangea’ is out now, and it’s a bold digital manoeuvre, applying some human-touches to his dazzling electronics.

A song about the wish to “go back to simpler times”, ‘Pangea’ layers his sound in guest elements, including a breathy saxophone solo.

Highway Superstar comments…

‘Pangea’ was written about the fantasy to go back to simpler times; when nature was earth’s ruling force and there weren’t any humans around to tarnish it. The music came to me instantly, but I sat on it for some time before I started hearing the chorus in my head. I knew I wanted to name the song ‘Pangea’, and the lyrics to the chorus were already pretty clear to me but otherwise, I had no lyrics.

When I started recording it all came into place quite naturally, especially the chorus. As the song took shape and I realized it’s gonna take the listener to a fantasy land, I decided to augment that emotion with saxophone and some Foley effects. I hope it takes you on a journey!

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Ofir Abe

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