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Radiohead finally release fan favourite “Follow Me Around”


Radiohead have finally shared “Follow Me Around”, a track written during the OK Computer era but never officially released – listen below.

The track comes ahead of the release of Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia record, a triple album reissue of Kid A and Amnesiac alongside a bonus disc titled Kid Amnesiae, which will comprise of unearthed material culled from those album sessions.

The official video for “Follow Me Around” starring Guy Pearce and can be seen below:


“Follow Me Around” has only ever been performed live a handful of times, and while it’s never been officially released, a recorded version does feature on Radiohead’s 1998 film Meeting People Is Easy.

On October 31, the band also uploaded a video of the song, which was recorded during soundcheck at Fukuoka Crossing Hall, Japan, on January 21 1998.

“Follow Me Around” has also been performed by Atoms For Peace and more recently, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood during a 2017 live session.

Radiohead also recently shared “If You Say The Word”.

Speaking about the creation of Kid A in a recent interview, Yorke said: “I was sort of trapped in my own particular labyrinth, followed by this weird sort of [inner] monologue, a criticism of everything I did.”

“It came from being sort of propelled into this weird state where people were projecting things onto me in a particular way. I didn’t have the right sort of support mechanisms to deal with it, so I internalised a lot of it.”

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