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Terror Have Announced The Details Of Their New Album ‘Pain Into Power’

They’ve also dropped a new track featuring the legendary George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

Terror have announced that they are going to be releasing a new album later this year. 

It’s going to be called ‘Pain Into Power’ will be dropping on May 06 via End Hits Records.

Vocalist Scott Vogel had this to say about it:

“I obviously know Terror, but this album still hit me harder than I expected. When people listen to this album, I hope they think ‘this is Terror, but this is the Terror record I was hoping for and needed,’ and it hits them harder than we’ve hit them before.

“We’ve always walked that line between positivity and negativity. Songs that are pure anger and songs that say ‘the world’s a shitty place but you’ve got the inner strength–and maybe this music and this scene–to help you through it.’ But a lot of these new songs are very angry and dark. I’ve tried my best to stay positive but, with this vibe of unrelenting musical destruction, it was a little bit harder to bring out that positive side.” 

The artwork looks like this:

And the tracklisting like this, clocking in at a furious 20 minutes:

01. Pain into Power
02. Unashamed
03. Boundless Contempt    
04. Outside the Lies
05. One Thousand Lies
06. Can’t Let It Go
07. Can’t Help but Hate
08. The Hardest Truth
09. On the Verge of Violence
10. Prepare for the Worst

You can hear the first taster of it right now, and it’s fucking beast. 

That’s ‘Can’t Help But Hate’, which is a seething slice of curb-stomping hardcore intensity that also features the ground-shaking tones of Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher.

Let’s go:

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