Ariana Grande Faces a ‘Dilemma’ on ‘The Voice’: Watch


It’s tough being the boss. The Voice coach Ariana Grande is finding out the hard way.

For the second night running, Grande has had to make a difficult decision during the Battles phase of NBC’s talent quest.

On Tuesday night’s episode (Oct. 12), Grande’s teammates Katherine Ann Mohler and Vaughn Mugol went head-to-head with a cover of Nelly and Kelly Rowland’s “Dilemma”.

The contestants hugged it out at the end of the performance, as Grande let out a scream.

“That was really fun,” John Legend enthused. If he had to pick one, he’d go with Katherine, due to her “compelling voice.” Kelly Clarkson remarked that it was “a really well-matched battle,” and said she’d go with Vaughn.

Blake Shelton admitted he’d never heard the song “Dilemma,” until now, but his reaction to the performance was “wow.” Katherine, he said, “gave it that extra bit.”

Which left Grande to make the final call. Ultimately, she went with Katherine who, she noted, “really surprised the hell of out me tonight.”

Watch below.

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