Arizona Slam Metal Outfit Atoll Discusses Their New EP “Prepuce,” Next Full Length And Obscene Music Videos



Arizona Slam Metal Outfit Atoll Discusses Their New EP “Prepuce,” Next Full Length And Obscene Music Videos

Death metal has never been afraid to push the boundaries. From grizzly murder to Satan and everything in between (and between his legs,) there’s always been something to offend, disgust and amuse when it comes to the sub-genre. The human body itself can be a pretty disgusting thing at times and why not use one of its more…. intimate parts for inspiration? Enter Atoll and their new EP, “Prepuce.”

Atoll began in 2014 and to date have released three full length albums, the latest being “Zoopocalypse” in 2019 and most recently, a six song EP named “Prepuce.” Before Googling what the title means, you’ll probably want to read on or watch the video, especially if it’s a shared computer you’re using! Regardless, the EP itself is a brutal display of Arizona slam showcasing fearsome vocals, pounding rhythms and a wicked sense of humour. To find out more about this release, Metal Underground caught up with Atoll vocalist Wade Taylor, guitar players Christopher Nick & Spencer Ferguson and bassist Cameron Broomfield. You can watch the interview in full at the bottom of the screen or find an excerpt below.

Diamond Oz: The new EP, “Prepuce” is out now. I looked up the title and then I regretted it.

Wade Taylor: That’s what we did too. We did that song, “The Circumcisor” and then thought, “What’s another word for foreskin?” and it was “prepuce” and I was like, “That’s it!” It was one of those unanimous decisions that happens really fast.

Oz: Yeah, as long as you search normally instead of image searching, you’re OK. So I guess the first question is… Why? Why name an EP after the foreskin?

Wade: I guess I’ll answer this one. I guess a lot of our other stuff had kind of a serious tone to it. Our first two or three albums did and this one, we just wanted something silly but sounded serious and I wanted people to look up that word. It also just goes with the “Circumcisor” thing and that’s pretty much it. It has nothing else to do with any of the other songs on the album, it’s just a cool word and I wanted people to look it up and see a wiener.

Christopher Nick: “Prepuce” is kind of like a weird encapsulation of our personalities. We want to give off this serious mantra and play brutal music but at the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of immature boys. We kind of just leaned into it a little bit more.

Oz: That’s all the more concerning that the record that sums you guys up the best is the one that means “foreskin.” It’s been three years since the last release, “Zoopocalypse,” which was a full length, why did you decide to release an EP this time?

Cameron Broomfield: I think, just to kind of stay active. We knew we were up contract wise with our prior label so we wanted something to shop around and we were lucky enough to land with Unique Leader. Over COVID and everything, everyone kinda lost touch. We didn’t lose touch with each other but we weren’t jamming regularly and we didn’t want to be totally inactive so we had some songs ready to go and thought we’d drop them while we work on the next full length, which is basically written at this point.

Oz: And does the next album follow in the same sort of vein lyrically or will it be a bit more of a serious one?

Wade: There’s always kind of a funny, pun style motif that our lyrics have, just because I don’t like to take myself too seriously. It’s cool to be brutal and stuff but there needs to be some sort of humour there to let people know that I’m not a serious person. I might frown in band photos but some of the other ones I’ll be choking down hot dogs or doing dumbass shit. As far as this next album, there are some serious elements to it but I guess it’s more funny. Instead of there being funny lyrics inside of it, it’s about a stupid funny concept that’s just so ridiculous, like for instance a guy that circumcises people against their will. The concept is so stupid that I don’t have to put anything funny in the lyrics because it’s just ridiculous. Our other single “Cirrhosis For Dinner,” is about a guy who force feeds people liquor and then cuts out their liver and eats it. To be 100% honest, with some of the songs, I would find the samples that I wanted first, then I’d write the song around that. We did a couple of covers too so I’d say it’s about the same. There’s shtick in there. I don’t think we’ll ever do a 100% serious album. I can’t say that but that’s just where it’s going in my head.

Cameron: Right and the other ones haven’t been 100% serious either, so it’s not the first time we’ve gone tongue in cheek. More over the top. Silly.

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