ARTY breathes new life into Chris Malinchak’s 2013 hit, ‘So Good To Me’ARTY Press Shot

by: Megan Schriewer

Apr 23, 2022

Oftentimes remakes and remixes are at best complementary to their original works, though ARTY may have one of those rare remixes on his hands that takes on a life of its own, offering his progressive house take on Chris Malinchak’s 2013 hit “So Good To Me.” Keeping the original essence of the track while also adding his own signature stylistic modifications to the mix, ARTY has created a track filled with heartfelt emotion that pays artful homage to its 2010s influence. The melody is infectiously catchy and though the lyrics are simple, this rendition proves that sometimes less is truly more. Says ARTY,

“Chris Malinchak’s ‘So Good to Me,’ which samples ‘If This World Were Mine’ by Marvin Gaye and Timmy Terrell, was one of my favorite songs when it got released. The song always stuck with me and I decided to do my own cover. My goal was to create a euphoric festival-type record with a nice nostalgic feeling from the ‘golden era’ of progressive house…”

Equipped with an uplifting dose of summer appeal, expect to hear ARTY’s “So Good To Me” all over the place this summer.

Featured image: ARTY/Press

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