ARTY Drops Another Impressive Crossover Single, “Those Eyes”

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul; that appears to be the premise behind ARTY’s latest single “Those Eyes” featuring Griff Clawson. “Those Eyes” is yet another song that sees ARTY experimenting with acoustic instrumentation, while at the same time, pushing sonic boundaries, all while in a radio-friendly format. “Those Eyes” is, at the same time, a forlorn love song, but, also an uplifting anthem with some strong indie vibes to boot.

The track opens up with some vibey acoustic guitar chords. Griff Clawson’s perfect vocals come in as he wonders “Where have you been? Why did you go back so soon? You said we had more time, when I look in those eyes.” The verse and buildup are super vibey and emotional, however, the drop offers the perfect contrast to that. The drop pitches up the vocals, introduces some handclaps and sounds much more electronic than the verse, even though it still features acoustic guitar. It kind of reminds me of a chorus to a Walk the Moon song, it’s perfect for handclaps and singalongs. It also sounds great on top of that. “Those Eyes” marks the third time that ARTY and Griff Clawson have collaborated. Even so, as ARTY explains, this was a very exciting song to make.

“‘Those Eyes’ was so much fun to produce. The entire time I spent working on it was nothing but natural fun and pure joy. Everything started with me listening to the demo for the first time and I couldn’t even recognize Griff’s voice even though we did so many tracks together in the past. And I think that’s what makes this song so unique and catchy. The blend of acoustic instruments and heavily processed vocals creates this strange, almost alienated vibe that immediately catches your ear because of its nature. But it’s not just a fun track to listen to; there is deeper meaning to it if you listen to the lyrics very closely. All in all, I’m very excited about this record to finally come out and I hope people will enjoy it the same way as I do!”

Check out the latest from ARTY, “Those Eyes” featuring Griff Clawson. Out now on Armada.

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