Baby Blue Launches New Album ‘End Of Sleep’

It’s out shortly on Planet Euphorique…

Canadian electronic artist Baby Blue has introduced plans for new album ‘End Of Sleep’.

Out on April 15th it matches heads-down techno chuggers against ethereal soundscapes, all delivered with the producer’s painterly touch.

Constructed during lockdown spells, Baby Blue uses ‘End Of Sleep’ as an inward journey, seven tracks that reflect her heightened mental state.

Leaning on dissonance during its construction, the sonic palette moves from deep contrasts of light and shade.

Released on Planet Euphorique, Baby Blue has placed snippets of each track online, and it’s quite the head-spin.

Tune in below.

1. Rainy Trip To Netherworld Sequence
2. My Way
3. Lineman
4. The Spring Is Coming
5. Plastic Glass Wall
6. Equal Parts Damaged
7. Violet

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