BamBam says there’s no bad blood between GOT7 and former label JYP Entertainment


GOT7 member BamBam says that there is no bad blood between the boyband and their former label JYP Entertainment.

BamBam recently spoke about the boyband’s relationship with JYP Entertainment during the latest episode of his online talk show, Bam House, which featured a special guest appearance from the label’s founder and namesake J.Y. Park.

“I really want to untie this misunderstanding. There’s no problem at all between GOT7 and JYP,” BamBam said. “He’s been a good brother to us and he suggested first to eat together after we got out from the company.”

The Thai-born singer added that he feels “really good” that the boyband are still on good terms with Park and the label, describing their relationship as “family-like”.

“Honestly, you could hate on us when we [left JYP Entertainment], but you didn’t so we’re so thankful for that,” BamBam told Park, who replied: “You guys did really well on what we promised. [Leaving] because the opinion was different is not an issue.”

BamBam also gave Park a special shout out for letting the GOT7 keep their group name after leaving the company. “You know a lot of companies don’t give the name, right?” BamBam asked, which Park responded by saying: “I don’t know what’s the point of that.”

Elsewhere during the interview, Park also revealed that there was an “impact” when GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, saying that the “portion of you guys in the revenue wasn’t small”. The label founder also revealed that he stays in contact with several of the GOT7 members even now, saying that he often speaks to Jay B and Yugyeom.

In other news, K-pop boyband Stray Kids have topped the Billboard 200 with their latest mini-album, ‘ROCK-STAR’. It is their fourth consecutive Billboard 200 chart-topper and second of 2023, following ‘5-Star’ in June. Meanwhile, South Korean singer Kyuhyun, a member of K-pop boyband Super Junior, was recently injured during a knife attack in Seoul.

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