Beauty School Have A New Workout Routine For You Alongside Their New Track ‘Oak’


Beauty School’s debut album is just around the corner as well.

Beauty School have shared another song from their upcoming debut album ‘Happiness’, and it’s yet more beautiful emo loveliness. 

The track is called ‘Oak’ and finds the band dealing out some real ear-worms in chords and melodies, as well as a sentiment that so many of us will be able to relate to, but the video catches the attention the most. 

A take on different workout routines from each member, ranging from the light-hearted to the nostalgic, it’s a perfect accompaniment to the gorgeously vibrant song. 

Vocalist Joe Cabrera had this to say about the song and the clip:

“The root of Oak sits within Dan’s gran’s struggle with dementia and his relationship with her. Growing up they were really close and as he got older he started to see the effects of her illness manifest when he visited her. Despite the lyrical content, the track is pretty uplifting musically. We decided to run with that and have fun with the video

“I’ve always been overweight and I’d be lying if I said the music industry hadn’t always tried to separate that aspect of me from the music I make. I remember once being asked to join a band and then told that I couldn’t because their manager said I was too fat. The ‘Oak’ video was my chance to lean into that. It’s hilarious and we had so much fun making it. We really wanted to display our personalities and our humour in this video and I think we achieved that. However, behind all the jokes and laughs is my middle finger to those in the industry that think they should have some say over the way I (or anyone for that matter) looks, as if it in some way affects the songs that we write.” 

Get stuck in below, you won’t regret it:

‘Happiness’ is set to drop on September 09 via Slam Dunk Records.

It will also feature ‘Drysocket’:


And ‘Pawn Shop Jewels’:

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