Between You & Me Have Shared A Wonderfully Hopeful New Track ‘Change’


‘Armageddon’ is just around the corner.

Between You & Me have shared another track from their upcoming album ‘Armageddon’, and it’s a belter.

On the surface, ‘Change’ is a sun-stained anthem made for those long summer days, but underneath it is a call for those in power to take ownership of what they are doing to the world and to the people on it.

Vocalist Jake Wilson had explained a little bit more:

“I wrote ‘Change’ in late 2019 because the world as I saw it, was going through a scary period,” reflects Wilson.“Those that were in political power were deliberately neglecting the serious signs of global climate issues–in fact some were even making decisions that would have huge ramifications to increase carbon emissions. It felt as though our leaders were focused on their capitalist ideals instead of representing the people. In Australia in late 2019, whilst our country was burning from numerous bushfires, our Prime Minister was holidaying overseas. To me, that was a defining moment.”

Here it is:

‘Armageddon’ is set for release on November 19 via Hopeless Records.

It will also feature ‘Butterflies’:


And ‘Deadbeat’:

We recently chatted to Jake all about the album via Video Call, which is ready and waiting below for you:

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