BlueStar Radiation Assemble and Share Dates for Northeastern Tour

Today, a new group is gracing the jam band circuit. Dubbed BlueStar Radiation, the improvisational jam band features renowned keyboardist Nate Wilson (Ghosts of Jupiter, Assembly of Dust and Percy Hill), moe. bassists and vocalist Rob Derhak along with bandmate and drummer Vinnie Amico and Tim Palmeri (The Breakfast, Kung Fu and Lotus).  

The supergroup took to Facebook to share their vision, writing “[We’re] musicians that all share an affinity for the classic rock we all love and know. The ditties, the anthems, and the deep cuts that remind us of a different time.” BlueStar Radiation went on to say, they’ll “simply write the songs and play the covers that give the audience goosebumps.” 

The group began when Wilson approached Derhak with the idea to form a band under the principles that, “Musical artists collaborate all the time. We all can identify with that feeling when, your favorite band invites a well-known keyboardist, or killer guitarist on stage at a festival or show. It is simply magical.” Derhak then enlisted the help of fellow bandmate VAmico and to cap it off they invited Palmeri and the quartet was formed.

The band has four consecutive concerts starting Nov. 18 at The Westcott Theater in Syracuse, N.Y. followed by an evening in Saratoga Springs at Putnam Place. They’ll jump up to Burlington, Vt. on Nov. 20, before wrapping up their tour on Nov. 21 in Portland, Maine at Oxbow Brewery. 

BlueStar Radiation Tour 

Nov. 18 – Syracuse, NY – Westcott Theatre

Nov. 19 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Putnam Place

Nov. 20 – Burlington, VT – Nectars

Nov. 21 – Portland Maine – Oxbow Brewery

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