Bottleneck Gallery Shares “Where’s Walfredo?”


Print Commissioned by Jason Haft ~ Illustrated by Gus Morais 

Bottleneck Gallery has shared their latest print offering, “Where’s Walfredo,” a Phish-inspired seek and find experience. The poster was commissioned by Jason Haft, a phan since the mid-90s with self-proclaimed “zero artistic abilities,” and painted by Gus Morais, an artist from Brazil specializing in detailed seek-and-finds but with “zero Phish knowledge,” according to a press release.

The print was initially commissioned to be a pair of custom skis that would be painted over 25 days; however, the project took a life of its own and quickly shifted from a “less is more” to a “more is more” approach, thus resulting in the entire 18 x 24 print.

“Where’s Walfredo” is the result of nearly a year of tirelessly solicited feedback from hundreds of Phish fans across online communities to capture the most profound spirit of the lot scene, the lights, the phans and of course, the band.

Check out the poster below and see what you can find.

Click here to purchase the print.

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