Bryan Adams – So Happy It Hurts

“It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll again!”

If you look up the phrase ‘unabashedly upbeat’ we are convinced that you will find the new Bryan Adams album ‘So Happy It Hurts’ there.

In life you have those that are in the ‘cup half full’ camp and this is definitely where the consummate Canadian rocker sits.  

The clue is in the title of the album and indeed the lead single which includes the endearing lyrics “I’m so happy it hurts / I’m so glad it’s outrageous /You know, I think it’s contagious…”

Think the happy-o-meter stops here? Think again! Bryan’s 15th album is universally positive and is chock-full of uplifting tracks guaranteed to put a smile on even those with a dour disposition.

Intriguingly, Bryan plays every single instrument on the album (owing to lockdown recording restrictions) including his first foray into playing drums for the first time. He keeps the percussion simple but effective as demonstrated on tracks like ‘On the Road’ and ‘Let’s do this’, letting his accomplished fretwork and lyrics do the talking.

‘Always Have Always Will’ has a slight reggae-laden Police vibes is a sweet love letter which does the job without being too saccharine. “You are the only one that makes my heart stand still” – you can envisage this being requested as a first dance at a wedding.  

Imagine a world without rock ‘n’ roll?! Unthinkable, but Bryan explores this in the rallying ‘Kick Ass’ which includes a spoken word segment from the comedy genius that is John Cleese with an impossibly infectious guitar riff.

This collection of 12 tracks celebrates freedom, spontaneity and being happy and in what is a dark time, this album from Mr Adams provides a fun and euphoric escape which is without doubt needed.

As Bryan says in ‘Kick Ass’ – “Turn the tunes on up to ten / If you had a long hard day, you need to get away / It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll again!”

I’m in – are you?


Words: Emma Harrison

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