Camden Cox Strips ‘Over’ Down To Its Core

Check out this intimate acoustic video…

Camden Cox is a true all-rounder.

A deft DJ and an incisive songwriter, she’s someone who is able to re-shape club tropes into something highly personal.

New single ‘Over’ seals her new relationship with RCA, and it’s quickly become a viral smash.

Matching lucid electronics to her effortless vocal, ‘Over’ is a punchy hymn to accepting the relationship has ended, and moving forwards with your life.

This new clip finds Camden Cox stripping the song down to its core, illustrating how infatuated with writing she truly is.

‘Over’ works in this radically different context, propelled forwards by Camden’s emphatic vocal.

She comments…

“‘Over’ is that transition from breaking up, to actually being without them. It’s over, but both of you are yet to let go… It’s still natural to touch, therefore it’s not really over until they’re gone. I wrote this in lockdown as I feel a lot of us will have gone through the same thing!”

“Relationships were truly tested during that time but there wasn’t an escape. I want the lyrics to shine through in this acoustic version, and to tell my story. I love stripping back my music so that the audience can get deep and personal with me, and in this version there’s a gorgeous string arrangement alongside the emotional piano…”

Tune in now.

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