Chris Grey’s ‘Seamless’ Is About Falling In Love

It’s a soaring new single…

Toronto songwriter Chris Grey has shared his new single ‘Seamless’.

The Canadian artist tends to focus his art on what is crossing his mind at any given moment, formulating a kind of diaristic appeal to his lyrics.

Take new single ‘Seamless’. It’s a love song written in real time, with the lyrics moving from early flirtation to infatuation.

Drawing on his own experiences, it opens in pastoral territory before soaring to that surging finale.

“My girlfriend and I had recently crossed the line between being friends and co-writers to dating,” Chris explains. “We were joking about being seamless together and also how seamlessly we had moved from working together to being a couple. She started joking around singing ‘with you it’s just seamless’ and we both looked at each other and realized that would be a cool song. We got out of bed and instantly started bouncing off rhymes and writing the song. The song came together seamlessly!”

Out now, it’s a sign of his further maturation as an artist, without sacrificing his autobiographical appeal.

Tune in now.

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