Chung Ha reveals she would have left Korea to study overseas if not for Jay Park


South Korean singer Chung Ha has revealed that she would have left Korea to study overseas if it wasn’t for Jay Park.

Chung Ha and Jay Park recently made a joint guest appearance on the MBC television programme Point of Omniscient Interfere, where the singer revealed how she was suffering from “serious burnout” and was thinking of leaving Korea.

The singer recently signed with Jay Park’s More Vision label, following a year-long hiatus after the release of her album ‘Bare & Rare’ in July 2022 and after leaving her long-time agency MNH Entertainment this year.

“There’s always been some sort of connection between me and your agency,” Chung Ha told Jay Park, per SBS Star. “Before I joined, I once asked my fans which agency they wanted me to join, and More Vision was the most recommended one out of all.”

The singer then revealed that she had been “experiencing serious burnout” sometime during the break. “If it weren’t for you, it’s likely that I wouldn’t even be in Korea right now. I probably would have enrolled at a school in another country,” she said.

“You gave me great advice when I was going through difficult times. You also checked on my feelings every now and then,” Chung Ha added. “No one else worried about me or talked to me as much, even after I told them how I felt. I thank you for that.”

Elsewhere during the episode, Jay Park also spoke about why he wanted Chung Ha to join his new label: “Ever since you made your debut, you had this spirit that no other rookie K-pop stars had.”

“You knew how to dominate the stage, and that impressed me,” he added. “So I thought you and I could both be able to learn from each other. That’s why I asked you to join my agency.”

In a previous appearance on the YouTube talk show Gabee’s Rising Star, Chung Ha also spoke about how she had contemplated stepping away from the music industry while saying how she views being a singer as just “a job”.

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