Death Metal Legends Benediction Added To Mystic Festival Line-up


Benediction are – along with Bolt Thrower – pioneers and masters of classic British death metal. From their 1990 debut “Subconscious Terror” to the album “Scriptures” released 30 years later, they have been faithful to the formula they once worked out – it’s raw, no fiddling, no embellishments, massive sound, killer riffs, growls from hell. They’re performing on Main Stage on Friday, June 3, so it’s going to be a great British day – Judas Priest, Saxon, The Raven Age and Benediction.

Swayzee is punk, glam and rock’n’roll. Naked chests, wild moves and melodies that will stick with you till the end of the festival and maybe even follow you home. You should check out their album “Greatest Hits” beforehand – the concerts are even better, but it will make you sing the choruses.

Benediction and Swayzee replace Obituary and Stay Nowhere in the festival lineup.

Mystic Festival 2022 will take place on 2-4th June 2022 at the Gdansk Shipyard. Line-up includes Judas Priest, Opeth, Mercyful Fate, Killing Joke, Mastodon, Heilung, Saxon Katatonia, Mayhem, Mgla, Solstafir, Igorrr, Benediction, Baroness, Vader and Kvelertak. The full line-up is available on the festival’s website:

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