DJ Hanzel finally releases his debut album, “anti everything”


The rivalry between Dillon Francis and DJ Hanzel grows with each passing day, especially since, according to their Twitter exchanges, it seems Dillon forced Hanzel’s hands into releasing his album potentially a bit earlier than he’d hoped. (Of course, this is all in good fun, right?)

DJ Hanzel, the house alias of Dillon, has been releasing music for years as a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek alter ego. Finally, the project’s debut album anti everything has dropped on streaming services after striking up a deal with Create Music Group this past December.

“Since time immemorial, peasants, rubes and all-around losers have attempted, but never achieved, going ‘ONE DEEPER,’” Hanzel said. “In this rich tradition, we bear witness to Dillon Francis falling short of my sublime depth. Like some kind of musical gladiator, I have slayed my inferior rival Dillon Francis, and he must now accept his defeat and with it, his new moniker I have bestowed upon him: Der Pottyman. Of course I will go on to celebrate joining the Create Music family, and I will do so with dignity and grace, while Der Pottyman languishes in artistic banality. For it is truly an honor for me to embark on a new journey going one deeper with the amazing team at Create Music Group.”

Unfortunately, the album only clocks in at just under 30 minutes with just 8 tracks. That being said, they’re all hits. Check out the album below!

Matthew Meadow

Matthew Meadow

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