Edenhill Shares Introspective New Single ‘Lost Control’

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Swindon songwriter Edenhill returns with new single ‘Lost Control’.

The rising artist certainly has a way of words – he chatted himself to the stage a business event for Richard Branson as a kid, for example.

Turning his hand to songwriting, Edenhill’s thirst for connection took his demo tape all the way to Robbie Williams, who offered a few words of support.

New single ‘Lost Control’ is out now, and it continues his rise, with Edenhill attempting to channel the final throes of a relationship.

A song about independence and loyalty, and where freedom lies, ‘Lost Control’ carries itself with an empathetic grace.

Edenhill comments…

“I wrote ‘Lost Control’ after a late night conversation with a friend who felt trapped in their relationship. Realising that they felt it was easier to stay partly happy in a relationship rather than leaving, I wrote the lyric ‘it’s easier to be sad with you than alone with myself learning to be without you…’ This was the foundation of the song. For me, it is the saddest song I’ve ever had to write, but I hope that it acts as a reminder to try and live a fulfilled life. No one should ever feel helplessly unhappy, especially in love.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Timothy Ogu

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