ena mori’s ‘SOS’ Is A Potent Synth-Pop Statement


Manila based synth pop artist ena mori returns with new single ‘SOS’.

Out now, it’s the latest statement from the Philippines based artist, whose journey began at a young age.

Inspired by the classical music her mother would play in the house, ena mori almost immediately began bagging out work by Chopin and Mozart.

This sense of innocent enthusiasm remains in her work, although ena’s aesthetic has taken on an electronic hue in the process.

Flirting with pop’s left-field edge, new single ‘SOS’ is reminiscent of Kate Bush or Grimes, while we’re also hearing aspects of Bjork’s staunch individuality.

A concise, finessed pop song, ‘SOS’ is prompted by the boundless energy of youth. She comments…

“I wanted to write a song dedicated to my friends and the youth. As the world revolves constantly, we tend to forget what it is that we truly want in our lives, what is important. SOS is about standing up for what you care about and what you believe in.”

“I’d like to inspire every person who struggles to find their life’s passion. Since ‘SOS’ came from a post-war 60s theme, Tim (producer) and I wanted to recreate the quirky-ness and the sarcasm through the production. With an upbeat tempo and a percussive bass, we wanted to make a song that you could do “the swim” with.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Telle Ramos

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