Ethan P. Flynn Shares Bold New ‘Distraught’ Video

His new EP is incoming…

Ethan P. Flynn has shared his new video ‘Distraught’.

The songwriter heads out on tour with slowthai in just a few weeks, with his new EP ‘Universal Deluge’ landing on Friday (March 11th).

As one final preview, Ethan P. Flynn has offered up his incisive new single, a song that both reveals and disguises in equal measure.

‘Distraught’ doesn’t shy away from the darkness, but there’s also a feeling of transgression, of moving beyond grief.

Speaking on the new single, Ethan P. Flynn says…

“‘Distraught’ tells the story of someone returning home from a long journey on a boat but never making it home because they’re pushed into the ocean by a stranger and drown. I made the whole thing while I was on a month-long retreat in a foreign city after having an anxiety attack in which I thought I was dying and ended up going to hospital. It’s kind of just about that stuff really.


I think it’s the most ‘produced’ song on the record with well over 300 separate audio tracks. I’ve always felt good about the synth breakdown bit in the middle, I wanted to give the whole song a kind of rebirth feel to it.”

ethan&tom take charge of the inventive video, which you can check out below.

Ethan P. Flynn will play London’s Courtyard Theatre on March 24th.

Photo Credit: Aliyah Otchere

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