EXTREME Pays Tribute To Fans In New ‘Thicker Than Blood’ Music Video


November 21, 2023

Just before kicking off their next run of European tour dates this month, multi-platinum rockers EXTREME return with yet another treat for fans. Announced today, the band honor their supporters with the latest music video release for “Thicker Than Blood”, off the critically acclaimed album “Six”.

An exciting homage to EXTREME‘s ongoing live shows and high-energy performances, the video offers a unique twist in its taping style. Bouncing between lively crowd shots and the stage, it acts as a call and response between EXTREME and their audiences as they feed into each other’s energy. Co-directed by the band’s own Nuno Bettencourt, the music video captures the song’s performance from the perspective that means most to the band — their fans.

“With the ‘Thicker Than Blood’ video, we wanted to shoot a video that celebrates the fifth and most important member of the band — our fans,” Bettencourt explains. “So, we shot it from the fans’ point of view.”

“No matter how great a band believes they are,” Bettencourt continues, “you cannot achieve your dreams of touring the world and doing what you love most, performing, without your fans. It’s the most important relationship in our career.”

While the video gives a taste of what’s to come from the band’s upcoming live shows, fans can join in on the action this January to catch EXTREME on the road for their 2024 tour.

“Six” came out in June via earMUSIC. The LP landed at position No. 10 on Billboard’s Top Album Sales chart with first-week sales of 12,500 copies. The set marked the band’s first studio album since 2008. The act was last in the Top 10 with “III Sides To Every Story”, which debuted and peaked at No. 10 back in October 1992.

Four months ago, Nuno told Tiago Ribeiro, that he was thrilled with how “Six” turned out. “I would put our album up against anybody’s album; I feel that confident,” Nuno said. “And I think the album itself — never mind me or EXTREME — if I heard that album and it wasn’t us, I would think the same way I think about the album now. I think it belongs there. I think it’s a well-made album. I think the songs are there. I think that the musicianship, the chemistry and the guitar playing. But I think, more importantly, what’s really there and what people are connecting with is the mythology of rock and roll. I think that’s really what’s missing a lot in guitar-driven music, is that…

“I think when people saw a guitar player that’s in a band with songs and arrangements and the videos and everything, it was almost like seeing something that… People are saying it’s so fresh, but for us, it’s, like, this is like going back for us,” he explained. “This is more of a reminder than it is anything else that you can still be passionate and have fire and do all those things. And the people are letting us know that they’re starved — they’re starved for rock and roll like this, I think.”

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