Finn Foxell Shares Brand New Seven Tracker ‘Alright Sunshine’

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On the UK rap and hip-hop scene, the name Finn Foxell caries weight. With the release of his seven-track EP ‘Alright Sunshine’, this weight has multiplied. ‘Alright Sunshine’ demonstrates not only a promising future for the artist, but also that until this moment his weighted name has been criminally underrated.

The Shepherds Bush musician first graced the scene through the flavour and style of his release back in 2015. Since, this style has developed along with his reputation for producing a smooth, effortless flow and consistent fire – all of which have contributed to the 23-year old’s already remarkable discography. By fusing together rap, soul and rock and his own thoughtful lyricism, Finn has not only made an impressive mark for UK music but on those around him.

Now, this discography has been elevated to higher ground with the release of ‘Alright Sunshine’. New music mirrors Finn’s own progression into a new phase, which shows the artist’s innovative approach to different sounds and styles. In only twenty minutes the EP guides its listeners through a lifetime of themes, from friendship to artistic expression to infatuation. All of these are smoothly presented alongside Finn’s own musical journey.

‘Alright Sunshine’ boasts features from Finn Foxell’s fellow Elevation Meditation family – Lord Apex, Louis Culture and Xav. The impressive collection of talent is enough to explain the critical acclaim of various singles on the EP and should turn the heads of anyone that hasn’t yet tuned in.

This is not one to miss.

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Words: Amelia Kelly

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