Florian Picasso & Martin Garrix’s GRX join forces again with ‘Far Away’ [LISTEN]

Florian Picasso & Martin Garrix’s GRX have joined forces again, and today they bring ‘Far Away’ into the world. The fresh, uplifting track marks the first output from Martin Garrix’s GRX alias since the release of ‘Restart Your Heart’ last year, which also featured Picasso.

‘Far Away’ marks the beginning of a new story for Picasso who announced the coming of his brand new Héritage EP this week. The release date of the full project is still a secret at this point, but the spectacular trailer video and first music video give a hint of what’s to come. The story-based music video of ‘Far Away’, directed and written by Loïc Schütz, cinematically portrays Picasso wandering through the desert without any sign of life, far away from his world. The end of the video sees Picasso getting thrown into a new universe, which undoubtedly won’t be the end of this storyline.

Héritage EP pays tribute to the legacy of my late grand great father Pablo Picasso by an exciting piece of music and images,” says Picasso.

One thing is for sure: we will be hearing and seeing a lot more from Florian Picasso the coming months as the full story will slowly start to unfold.

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