For Breakfast’s ‘Heavy Horse Museum’ Finds The Band At Their Exploratory Best

Their second EP is incoming…

For Breakfast return with new single ‘Heavy Horse Museum’.

The band’s debut EP ‘Songs In The Key Of O’ landed last year, an outstanding release that seemed to dwell on untapped possibilities.

Second EP ‘Trapped In The Big Room’ lands on May 20th, brought to you by the fine folks at Glasshouse Records.

Out now, new single ‘Heaven Horse Museum’ was recorded – alongside the rest of the EP – on a decommissioned Cold War airbase in Suffolk, and it has a certain eerie charm.

Stretching ideas until they break, For Breakfast are reminiscent of those early Chicago post-rock groups, imbuing a playful darkness in the process.

Speaking on the release of the new track, vocalist Maya and saxophonist Eden commented…

Maya: “The words were written after the song itself. Sam and I played a version of exquisite corpse where we assembled words on big scraps of paper on the floor, using the title to find the slightly bizarre and disjointed narrative found in the song. I then wrote the lyrics from the mess we made – it ended up with a bit of a witchy, otherworldly feeling steeped in history and the versions of it we don’t often see or hear about.”

Eden: “The song started as a kind of mellow jam that came out of tinkering on the piano during first lockdown. Bringing it to band practice really sparked it into life — everyone started throwing bits into the mix and the tune became this maelstrom of noise, with a fully fleshed out middle section. Completely different to the original piece but incredibly gratifying to hear it become what it has.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Simon Thompson

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