Former ACCEPT Singer DAVID REECE: ‘Two Coins And A Dead Man’ Video

The official music video for the song “Two Coins And A Dead Man” from former ACCEPT and BONFIRE singer David Reece can be seen below. The track is taken from Reece‘s new solo album, “Resilient Heart”, which was released on November 9 through Mighty Music. The follow-up to 2013’s “Compromise” is an LP “rich on full-blown melodic heavy metal,” according to a press release.

On “Resilient Heart”Reece has teamed up with the Danish musicians Marco Angioni (guitar), Martin J. Andersen (guitar), Malte Frederik Burkert (bass) and Sigurd J. Jensen (drums).

Reece told Music Interview Magazine about the album: “I started writing ideas for ‘Resilient Heart’ in 2015, because I was growing weary of pop-rock, like BONFIRE, which I was in at the time. I’ve also grown tired of album-oriented rock music as a whole, because nobody, including myself, seemed to be doing anything outside the comfort box. With this album, I made a conscious effort to stay outside of the norms and do something more me.”

He also talked about the LP’s lyrics, stating: “As a lyricist, I have never been a baby-baby, whoa-whoa guy. I’ve written a few songs with clichés, but I try to write stories about what I see going on around me and in my head and heart. I wanted a fresh sound. So, when I began writing, the first two songs that seemed to be fresh were ‘Karma’ and ‘Two Coins’. When I met with Marco Angioni and Martin Jepsen Andersen, I knew it was a template of direction, which they grasped beautifully.”

Asked what sort of vocal training he has had, Reece said: “I’ve had lots of vocal training in my life and the best way to sum me up as a singer is I’m never fully satisfied. I always strive to improve. Being able to scream or sing high notes doesn’t make a singer. Being a singer is 99 percent attitude. What separates the puppies from the dogs is a real commitment to your craft.

“I rehearse daily. Another vital detail is sleep, especially while touring. I’ve stopped drinking for some time now and look and sing better as a result. I think alcohol gives you a false sense of quality. Experience is also vital, doing lots of shows and learning your strengths and limitations. There are a lot of so-called singers following the bouncing ball while making albums and I think fans can really sense that.”

“Resilient Heart” track listing:

01. Any Time At All
02. Wicked City Blues
03. Karma
04. Desire

05. I Don’t Know Why
06. Two Coins And A Dead Man
07. Ain’t Got The Balls
08. Forest Through The Trees
09. Perfect Apocalypse
10. Live Before You Die
11. I’m The One


Vocals: David Reece
Guitar: Marco Angioni
Guitar: Martin J. Andersen
Bass: Malte Frederik Burkert
Drums: Sigurd J. Jensen

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