Freddie Gibbs Joins ‘All on Me’ Rap in Cut-for-Time ‘SNL’ Sketch: Watch

freddie-gibbs-joins-‘all-on-me’-rap-in-cut-for-time-‘snl’-sketch: watch

A rap video starring Chris Redd that didn’t air during this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live was released as a “cut-for-time” clip on YouTube after the show.

SNL‘s Redd leads the song as rapper Lil T. His track features castmate Kenan Thompson, host Ariana DeBose and a special guest: Freddie Gibbs.

“Man shout out my dog Chris Redd for putting me on this SNL s—. Live from New York!!!” Gibbs tweeted on Sunday (Jan. 16).

“Just got signed, so we rich now,” Redd’s Lil T raps at the club, surrounded by an entourage in the sketch. He insists to “run the check up, ’cause it’s all on me.”

That is, until he sees the total on the check: $44,256.

As Lil T devises a backup plan to pay off that shocking bill, Freddie G cuts in about the new artist’s entry to the “big leagues.”

“Shots for everybody, and they all on T,” Freddie raps, to Lil T’s horror.

Watch “All on Me” below to see how it all plays out.

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