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Welcome back to the weekly Friday’s Finest segment in collaboration with It’s All Indie, Nexus Music Blog and newcomers Dead Good Music! If you’re new to this, each week the four blogs take it in turns to host four incredible artists we’re loving right now and who you should check out – enjoy!

It’s All Indie: Andreww – ‘Surprise’

If you love upbeat indie-rock with massive nods to The Smiths and early 90’s rock then  Andreww’s latest offering ‘Surprise’ might just (how do we word this…) wow you. Right from the outset, you have some tender guitar tones laced upon bright tones and the fast-paced drums giving you something to bop to. 

The bass throughout the song is rampant, with it sounding like the bass player not getting a rest whatsoever, however, we love it as it keeps the tempo of the track frantic and yet tender.

We can’t go through the article without commenting on his vocals, they’re so engrossing and wouldn’t be out of place in the big festival states of Europe.

The sound Andreww has created is one that lots of guitar fans will be pining for more of. With the singer-songwriter not far off that golden million Spotify plays it feels like he could be topping many a ‘Sounds of 2022’ list too.

Nexus Music Blog: Weekend Recovery – ‘No Guts All The Glory’

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Weekend Recovery are back with an absolute bang. Their latest track ‘No Guts All The Glory’ is introduced to audiences off the back of their appearance at Ghost Road Festival in London just weeks ago.

‘No Guts All The Glory’ makes no apologies as it wades into the room with all of the swagger and attitude that Weekend Recovery are known for. It’s an incredible track to introduce at the end of the year, doing much for the excitement of Weekend Recovery fans who will be excited for a whole new year of music in 2022.

Dead Good Music: Sunflower Thieves – ‘Sirens’

Photo credit: Sophie Jouvenaar

Leeds duo Sunflower Thieves return with ‘Sirens’. The new single comes with an announcement of their upcoming debut EP, Someone To Be There For – words I’ve been wanting to hear for ages now. Only a handful of singles have been released by the duo over the last few years, so to finally have something substantial on the horizon is huge. 

One of the biggest qualities of their sound is the vocals, and ‘Sirens’ utilises this talent wonderfully. Producing their most enchanting sound yet. To have it written about the strength of friendships too – it just makes perfect sense. Starting with a lone vocal to highlight the distance between two people, it sets the tone towards a chorus that genuinely sounds astounding. Honestly, it’s amazing. 

While we’re used to hearing Folk-based instrumentals in past songs, ‘Sirens’ heads in a different direction. More of an electronic route is taken to bring something new to the Sunflower Thieves sound – a route I’m hoping is explored further on Someone To Be There For. The simmering percussion in the background adds excitement to the mix, while the soft collision of synthesiser melodies and open guitar chords is wonderful. 

‘sirens’ is fantastic and, as always, I am very excited to hear more. Now with news of an EP on the way, it’s a great time to be a Sunflower Thieves fan.

ICM: The Lutras – ‘Waiting All Night’

Returning with blistering new single ‘Waiting All Night’, The Lutras are back on top form. 

From the pub circuit to sold-out music venues, the Scottish four-piece have grown from strength to strength who are now gearing up for their debut album. 

‘Waiting All Night’ is an anthemic and melodic track about encompassing the feeling of wanting to make someone happy although being in the position that you can’t necessarily do that. 

Written by frontman, Ben Clements, his raspy and infectious vocals will get you singing along in no time. 

‘Waiting All Night’ follows up on the band’s previous single, ‘Only Life’, which peaked at number 3 in the iTunes rock charts. This is the second of two new singles to be released in line with the run-up of The Lutras debut album (TBR 2022).

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