Funeral Vomit Premiere New Music Video “The Mortuary Moon”


Funeral Vomit Premiere New Music Video “The Mortuary Moon”

Colombian death metal outfit Funeral Vomit have premiered a new single and music video named “The Mortuary Moon,” available for streaming via YouTube for you below.

Their debut album, “Monumental Putrescence”, set for release on December 19 through Xtreem Music, is showcased through a gold-hued, moon-inspired visualizer. It will be available in CD, limited edition cassettes, and limited edition black and splatter vinyls.

Their latest effort channels the essence of bands like Autopsy and Crematory while infusing a modern, weightier edge alongside shades of black metal, marking their arrival with a full-length album.

“Monumental Putrescence”, spanning 10 tracks, offers a chilling descent into the abyss, combining relentless riffs and bone-chilling melodies, a perfect auditory experience for the wintry months ahead.

Check out the tracklist for Monumental Putrescence below:

Intro (The Entombment)

Immense Morbidity

The Mortuary Moon

Spectral Parasite

Cadaveric Apparition

Interlude (Towards the Abysmal Doom)

Monumental Putrescence

Necromantical Winds

Swarming Pestilence

Outro (The Sinister Mist)

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