08 · 04 · 2022

Electronic trio GIVVEN have shared the new video for ‘Doubts’.

The Austrian project share a musician – Adrian Held – with acclaimed endeavour Klangkarussel, but pursue paths of their own.

Out now, their new EP is worth aligning alongside Moderat or George Fitzgerald, permitting lengthy, lucid discussions in the electronic sphere.

Re-contextualising club tropes within the framework of emotive songwriting, the EP is a three-part discussion.

Their song ‘Doubts’ became a breakout moment, with GIVVEN shooting an ambitious video in Iceland.

A beautifully shot production, the lava fields of Iceland reflecting the constrained emotion within their work.

GIVVEN comment…

“‘Doubts’ immediately grabs your ear, opening with very close and floaty falsetto vocals. Tapping into electronic roots, ‘Doubts’ starts with a gentle verse and chorus before dipping, then diving into a deeply affected vocal chop and bass-led drop.”

“Constantly moving in different directions, ‘Doubts’ mirrors the chaos of an inner voice that’s constantly trying to lead you astray. The music video for ‘Doubts’ is a smokey, magma-infused art piece showcasing a dancer battling with her inner demons amidst an active volcano and dark, steaming lava fields looming ominously in the background of every shot.”

Tune in now.

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