Glastonbury fans call for ticket ballot after another struggle before selling out


Glastonbury fans have called for tickets to be sold differently after many struggled to obtain them before they sold out.

Tickets for the 2024 festival, which will take place from June 26-30, sold out in under an hour in the general sale yesterday (November 19). Meanwhile, coach and ticket packages went on sale instead at 6pm GMT on Thursday (November 16) and sold out in 25 minutes.

It comes after ticket sales were initially pushed back after organisers confirmed on social media that both sales had been delayed by two weeks following issues with some voter registrations. Glastonbury have promised that, once again, there will be a re-sale of any cancelled or returned tickets in spring 2024.

Now, following frustration among many who struggled to get tickets, some fans have suggested tickets should be sold via a ballot system for subsequent festivals to make things fairer.

Ballot systems have been used for selling tickets to Wimbledon for years and are gradually becoming more common for high-demand music events, such as Taylor Swift‘s ‘Eras’ tour and Green Day‘s ill-fated intimate show at the Electric Ballroom which was cancelled just minutes before doors.

“Why not a random ballot for all registrees and an email notification to say the outcome then a one day window to pay? Just sayin…” one X/Twitter user suggested.

“Just. Do. A. Ballot. Equal chance for all,” another agreed.

A third added: “Here’s an idea Glastonbury… Just do a ballot and put everyone out this bloody misery.”

Meanwhile, someone else said: “20 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. seems everyone agrees on the idea of doing a ballot apart from Glastonbury themselves. Sunday morning should be fun.”

Just. Do. A. Ballot.@glastonbury

Equal chance for all.

— Jonathan R 💙💛 (@toadsy_boro) November 19, 2023


— ali 🪐 (@Alialhashimi139) November 16, 2023

They should sell #glastonbury tickets the way they do Wimbledon, via a ballot.

— Kim Taylor-Foster 🧙‍♂️ (@K_imbot) November 20, 2023

20 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. seems everyone agrees on the idea of doing a ballot apart from Glastonbury themselves. Sunday morning should be fun.

— Morgan (@morgan_gabbott) November 16, 2023

Glastonbury really needs to sort a ballot, totally needless experience

— Johnny Lyne (@johnnylyne) November 19, 2023

Does anyone know why they don’t do a ballot system…which would be much fairer…..?? #Glastonbury

— DM2370 (@Debbiem23) November 19, 2023

Do a ballot ya weirdos and save us all an hour

— Joe (@Joelfc91) November 19, 2023

Glastonbury should just run a ballot like Coachella and give everyone a fair shot.

— Mickey Hynes 🇬🇧🇮🇪🇺🇦 (@mickeyhynes) November 19, 2023

I said it last year when I got tickets. I’ll say it this year when I didn’t. Move to a ballot! Better for punters, better for the environment, fairer and more equitable. You could still give people a 2 hour window to pay deposit in to keep all sales to one day.

— Andrew Stan Stanley (@AndyStanStanley) November 19, 2023

#Glastonbury just not happening they really need to just do a ballot 4 tickets

— Vaughan (@VeeFello) November 19, 2023

Another year. Another hour of my life wasted staring at a refresh screen that doesn’t do anything! @glastonbury Get rid of @seetickets they are rubbish 🤬

Ballot system needed! #Glastonbury

— C G-M (@cpgm1) November 19, 2023

It had been rumoured that Madonna, Dua Lipa and Coldplay had been lined up to headline the Pyramid Stage at next year’s festival, but booker Emily Eavis confirmed that the rumours were “untrue” despite media reports.

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