Go Behind The Scenes With Murkage Dave

On the shoot for new short film ‘Us Lot’…

Murkage Dave has never wanted his music to sit in one lane.

As much influenced by his teenage hip-hop icons as Manchester post-punk, his work moves across different paths, brought together by his curatorial finesse.

New single ‘Us Lot’ is out now, and it’s typically in-depth, the work of a pan-genre artist who has built a sound of his own.

Lyrically, Murkage Dave focusses on the outsiders, on the voices who have a tendency to be excluded from the conversation.

Yet he’s also able to find the power in that, exploring the beauty of being able to shape your life on your own terms.

As he puts it: “‘Us Lot’ is a love song for every misunderstood friend, every black sheep, every prodigal child. I’d like to think I’ve written it for a few people I’m close to but maybe it’s just a letter to myself, I haven’t fully worked it out yet.”

Ricky Gibb directed the full video for ‘Us Lot’ which is more of a short film, truth be told – a broad, ambitious look at a circle of friends, and the patterns between their lives.

Kobe Media worked on production, with Ricky Gibb commenting…

In my own life, it has felt harder and harder to see friends and maintain connections. This is something that weighs on me heavily. Studying the sentiments expressed in “Us Lot” really reminded me that some bonds will always remain, despite how infrequently we may get to see one another.

For the film, I wanted to give a glimpse into a pivotal moment of a group of friends enduring a similar situation. Although once thick as thieves, the five friends are now somewhat estranged, and only maybe come together now only once or twice a year.

As each of the five friends clings on to the final hours of an after-party, we explore the ways in which each of them is extremely unique from each other, although – evidently – bonded for life.

Ricky Gibb Photographer Eric Aydin-Barberini went behind the scenes to capture the creative process – check out those snaps up top, and find the video below.

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