Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hütz Announces Casa Gogol Records Re-Launch


Today, Eugene Hütz, leader of the internationally recognized punk band Gogol Bordello, has announced the re-launch of his label, Casa Gogol Records. With global connections and deep roots in the New York scene, the company aims to showcase a new Big Apple sound steeped in collaboration with luminaries from the punk, rock and hardcore canons.

Serving as a taste off the label, Casa Gogol is set to release a Gogol Bordello collaboration cover of Angelic Upstarts’ “Solidarity” with Bernard Sumner of Joy Division and New Order. The single will function as a tribute to the punk and anti-Soviet movement, benefit Ukraine, and stand in solidarity with oppressed groups worldwide. 

Via press release, Hütz shared, “This is a particularly meaningful collaboration for us. To do this tribute with one of the most masterful and brilliant pioneers, Bernard Sumner is truly epic and timely.” Apart from the aforementioned delivery, more material is expected to come from Puzzled Panther–joined by Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Brian Chase and Hütz–on their debut EP. 

Moreover, the upcoming single “Smoke & Mirrors We Broke” will be released on December 2 and produced by post-punk legend Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Amyl and the Sniffers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Idles). Other releases will include hypnotic singer-songwriter Grace Bergere and many more. 

“Youth culture is always producing new brilliant music, and you just pray that you are there when it happens. As different as Puzzled Panther and Grace Bergere are, they have the right kind of newness and right kind of oldness about them. They arrived into this world as poets with a singular vision and superb knack for melodism. To me they are the new New York, which has a lot more in common with that magical old New York we know, and none of that bullshit in the middle,” offered Hütz. 

Also, Gogol Bordello will mark the impending New Year’s Eve holiday with performances at the New York and Philadelphia Brooklyn Bowl locations from Dec. 27 through 31–marking a continuation of their already-established holiday tradition. For tickets, visit www.gogolbordello.com.

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