Gorgon City venture into the underground on ‘Foggy Geezer’Gorgon City Forbes

by: Alex Lambeau Jun 29, 2022

Known mostly for their vocal and lyric-heavy house tunes, Gorgon City dive into the underground for a deep-house smacker with surprisingly no lyrics, “Foggy Geezer.” Out now via their imprint, Realm Records, the single is the English duo’s first release since its June remix of Mephisto’s “State of Mind.”

Although “Foggy Geezer” may lack vocals, the new one-off certainly has enough exciting moments for sweaty 4:00 a.m. club nights. A consistent four-on-the-floor drum sequence provides a steady introduction before a tantalizing, room-filling synth joins the abrupt break in the music. Stream just what might be Gorgon City’s deepest track to date below.

Featured image: Frazer Harrison

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