It’s a chugging, bass-led piece of alt-pop…

Robin Murray

30 · 03 · 2022

GRAE has shared her new single ‘Boxes’.

The Toronto artist has a gift for communication, melting together indie tropes with glistening pop impulses.

Her debut album ‘Whiplash’ is out on April 15th, and each successive single takes her closer to her goal.

Out now, ‘Boxes’ is perhaps the most concise demonstration yet of her talents – an addictive alt-pop burner, the production is key raw, DIY.

The purring vocal is instinctive and imaginative, with the neat false ending providing one final twist.

She comments…

“The idea for ‘Boxes’ came about when I looked around my room one day and realised I wanted to tear down all the posters I’ve had on my walls since I can remember. That was a significant moment because I always thought I’d be that girl wearing a band t-shirt with posters covering her walls forever. But I needed a change. I thought about how I’m ‘not that kid anymore,’ and I wanted to mature in my style and ‘grow up.’ I felt super nostalgic as I went through my band T’s and started clearing out my space. I decided to write about the process of coming to terms with what it means to be an ‘adult,’ and the result of that is ‘Boxes.’”

Gemma Warren directs the video, something GRAE says captures “youth, nostalgia and memories. The song is about growing up and coming to terms with leaving a part of you behind, and the photo booth set captured that sentimentality I had felt when I wrote the song when I was thinking back on my teenage years.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Gemma Warren

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